Employee Satisfaction Surveys

REACT “E”: Employee Satisfaction Surveys

REACT E has been specifically designed to provide valuable feedback and performance improvement solutions regarding Employee satisfaction. The REACT E process will facilitate the recruitment, retention and improved performance of your talent base.

REACT E quantifies Employee attitudes and opinions so you can assemble, nurture and retain the talent necessary to provide a level of customer service that separates you from your competition. REACT E is not about sending out surveys and collecting data; it is an opportunity to use Employee insight for continuous improvement.


CEL & Associates Inc.’s REACT Employee Satisfaction Surveys have the following features:

  • Improves Employee satisfaction throughout the organization
  • Quantifies the likelihood of Employee retention
  • Compares the results to three groups: Executives; Management; and Non-Management personnel
  • Evaluates performance over a specific time frame
  • Provides Best-In-Class comparative scores
  • Identifies specific areas in need of attention
  • Creates an Action Plan for performance improvement
  • Allows for survey customization
  • Provides performance evaluation and feedback in a prompt and cost-efficient manner
  • Summarizes satisfaction by way of three Satisfaction Indices:

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Summarizes satisfaction using eight Employee Success Factors:

Employee Satisfaction Surveys


React T For Your Company

  1. Improves financial performance and enhances asset value by improving operations
  2. Provides immediate feedback so you are always aware of forces influencing your success
  3. Quantifies the performance of internal service providers, creates service awareness and identifies needed performance improvement priorities
  4. Strengthens your company’s commitment to service and performance excellence
  5. Improves communication internally and externally
  6. Complements new hiring, on-boarding and other Human Resources initiatives
  7. Provides benchmarks for performance evaluations

React T For Your Members

  1. Provides quantifiable feedback for productivity improvement
  2. Provides the feedback necessary to prioritize capital expenditures for such items as training, mentorship, etc.
  3. Provides actionable feedback for improvement
  4. Reveals potential exposure to Employee turnover
  5. Improves communication and builds valued relationships


Employee Satisfaction Surveys

CEL has a variety of reporting options, and we tailor your REACT Plan and reporting package to meet each individual client’s needs. We have discovered that for performance improvement to occur, REACT clients must be presented with a reporting level that matches their internal abilities to manage data, thus focusing on change. For validity and reliability, REACT includes a proprietary reporting and analysis process.

Standard Reporting and Analysis
Consolidated and individual reports
Select Data Reports
Ad hoc reporting based on any parameters, available as needed
Executive Summaries
Prepared by CEL Senior Associates who have years of industry experience and know your business
Measurement of Three Satisfaction Indices
Critical measurement of satisfaction, including Overall, Leadership and Productivity
Measurement of Eight Employee Success Factors
Drill down and further define areas that impact drivers of satisfaction


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