Client Satisfaction Surveys

REACT “C”: Client Satisfaction Surveys

Your company’s stability and growth is dependent upon retaining loyal clients and attracting new business. CEL understands this and has created a REACT process geared toward evaluating your clients’ opinions of your performance as well as their current and future needs.


CEL & Associates, Inc. establishes programs and comparative data for the following:

  • Broker Opinion Surveys
  • Corporate Clients & Strategic Accounts
  • Investor Surveys
  • Appraisal Clients
  • Project Management Clients
  • Target Client Surveys


CEL uses a variety of survey distribution methodologies when conducting client assessments. We will work with you to determine the highest and best value for your budget as well as how best to reach your clients.

CEL maintains a database of core questions that can be used for benchmarking and industry comparisons.

  • Satisfaction – How do they rate their satisfaction with your services?
  • Cross-selling Opportunities – What other services may be of value to your clients?
  • Comparison – How does your firm compare to other firms they use?
  • Perception – How is your firm perceived in the market?
  • Retention – What is needed to retain their business?
  • Referral – What is the likelihood of referrals?

Reporting is prepared based on a final needs evaluation and includes a summary prepared by CEL Senior Associates who specialize in client assessments.


React T For Your Company

  1. Improves financial and operating performance
  2. Provides feedback immediately so you’re always aware of the forces impacting your success
  3. Quantifies the performance of internal service providers and/or client relationships
  4. Strengthens your company’s commitment to service and performance excellence
  5. Provides benchmarks for performance evaluations

React T For Your Members

  1. Provides quantitative feedback for productivity improvement
  2. Provides actionable feedback for improvement
  3. Improves communications and builds valued customer relationships


CEL customizes its reporting based upon the information and comparative data needs and analytics of our clients. We see our role as to provide our clients with findings that are actionable and support the various activities they either have underway or are considering. CEL has a variety of reporting options and we tailor your REACT Plan and reporting package to meet each individual client’s needs. For validity and reliability, REACT includes a proprietary reporting and analysis process.

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