National Compensation & Benefits Survey

The CEL National Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey has become the national standard for the real estate industry. For over two decades the annual CEL compensation survey has provided accurate, timely and confidential compensation information to hundreds of participants and hundreds of CEL client compensation evaluations and decisions. No other survey is as comprehensive or offers equivalent validity based upon so many years of results. The survey incorporates over 190 positions and nearly 400 participant companies in the office, industrial, retail, residential, advisory and brokerage/services sectors. It incorporates public and private companies engaged in investment, management, development, construction, leasing and many other real estate functions.

We are honored that NAIOP (the Commercial Real Estate Development Association) and NAA (the National Apartment Association) have partnered with CEL to conduct its national survey, raising its exposure, participation and further expanding the compensation database. Typically, the CEL national compensation survey provides over 400 pages covering compensation trends, benefits, compensation policy questions, long-term incentive compensation structures, and detailed information/statistical (quartile) breakout of compensation results on a position by position basis stratified by Company Size (employees), Company Type (public and private), Specialization, Region, and Metropolitan Area.

There is simply no more complete or comprehensive source for compensation information in the real estate industry.