Strategies That Work

Real Estate Strategies That Work

  • Create a 3-to-5 year vision/strategic plan and a 5-to-10 year outlook plan.
  • Grow recurring revenues to offset 75% or more of corporate overhead.
  • Create and implement a robust talent management plan.
  • Create and implement an aggressive, “differentiating” branding and marketing plan.
  • Build the balance sheet with adequate rainy-day funds.
  • Streamline business practices and reduce/eliminate redundancies.
  • Upgrade and integrate interactive technology throughout the organization and within all business practices.
  • Identify and lock-in next generation (High Potential) stars.
  • Create sustainable governance and have designated No. 2s for all mission-critical positions.
  • Eliminate all non-core, non-essential services, products and/or assets.
  • Secure sufficient capital for growth and future opportunities.
  • Grow customer share and wallet share.
  • Create a sense of urgency with accountability throughout the organization.
  • Instill and govern by a set of Key Values and Principles.
  • Create a workplace environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.
  • Create a more contemporary/engaging organizational structure.
  • Remove those who do not embrace your Key Values or culture.
  • Strengthen and enhance customer service and relationships.
  • Make quality and service behaviors, not policies.
  • Celebrate success…collaborate…listen…and never tolerate “exceptions.”
  • Do different things…not do the same things differently.
  • Have fun.